''Bringing us all together,
In depth food adventures.''


PI GLOBAL is one of the established brokerage houses of Agro-Commodities, where we connect our suppliers to the buyers in various parts of the world. We buy specialized crops like Lentils, Peas, Beans, and chickpeas from growers and supply those products worldwide. PI GLOBAL has a tie-up with the largest processors and Traders in Canada, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Australia, Russia, Madagascar, Sudan, Tanzania, Mozambique, and Ethiopia, they supports us in fulfilling customer demands in various ways.

Core Values

PI GLOBAL has a strong reputation for their transparency and commitment to the customer. We always stand on our commitment by providing high-quality products within a short time. These values are consistently assisting PI GLOBAL to expand rapidly in different markets.


We are transparent with our customers and growers.


Our products are certified with internationally recognized quality surveyors.


We deliver what we commit. Creating value by providing high-quality food and following all carbon food prints.